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Small Website

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Small simple site that gives your business an online presence

Overview of our
Small Website package

Do you need to expand your online portfolio? Our small simple sites are perfect for promoting your business and gaining more traction online. With an email and contact form included this package is affordable but effective for getting more enquiries and customers.

All of our website packages come with 1 years free hosting

  • 2 Email Accounts
  • 5 Pages
  • CMS Site
  • Contact From
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Stock Images

What's included in our
Small Website package?

CMS Website

Our simple sites are built using a CMS system allowing for easy on the fly editing. This platform ensures your site stays up-to-date and with admin access provided you can update it from home. The initial site build for small sites is 5 pages however there's nothing stopping you adding content and pages from home.

  • Up to 5 pages
  • On the fly editing

Full website design

A complete optimised web build perfect for starting your online journey. With content supplied we'll build your businesses profile and provide admin access for you to manage and update for future changes. Our small sites are perfect for trade and small buisness looking to build an online profile.

  • Bespoke template
  • Responsive design
  • Build to your buinesses needs

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites have been designed to perform whatever the device or screen size. With so many devices on the market it's important to ensure each client can access your site and services. We use a responsive system which adapts when the viewport (screen) changes keeping all of your important information on screen at all times.

  • Viewable on all devices
  • Keeping the important information on screen
  • Tested on multiple devices and screen sizes.

Contact Form

Our small sites allow for one custom contact form paired with your email account. Our contact form can be custom built to your requirements depending on the information you need from your clients. These forms are quick and responsive allowing customers to contact you easily.

  • Custom form Fields
  • Fast and responsive forms
  • Paired with any email address

Stock Images

During the web build we'll provide a variety of stock images making the site more eye catching. We also advise supplying your own images as it adds more personality to your website and business.

  • 3 Stock Images
  • Add Images that have been supplied
  • Find images related to your buisness

Email Account

An email account bespoke to your business, adds professionalism and organisation keeping your emails in one place. We can provide a variety of access options which allows you to receive emails on any device you wish.

  • Bespoke email account
  • IMAP Access to access via an email client
  • Secure firewall technology to safeguard your emails

Get your Company listed on Google

With so many potential customer using Google as there search engine for services be sure your company is listed on there. Our small sites are perfect for getting you noticed and index by google. Using a content managment system you can easily edit and update your site improving your rank with Googles search algorithm.

  • Site index by Google
  • Get noticed by Google and clients
  • Easily promote your services

Web Page Optimised

Our sites are optimised for the best performance in terms of speed and reliability. Using in-house bespoke templates we can edit every aspect of your site at code level limiting the use of plugins and other third party solutions. This removes bloat and increase your sites performance and security.

  • Bespoke In-House template
  • Limited use of third party additions
  • No bloat increases websites speed