Need a Website building? Get ready with these tips


Understand your brand and company, having a cohesive vision for your business will aid our designers in creating a website which is intuitive to your customers. Organising the services you provide in a way which is simple and easy understand will help your customers with their decision. Overall having a simple but straight to the point website will keep your customers engaged potentially increase your businesses intake.


Being prepared with content and imaginary is key for developing a site which performs. You know your business better then anyone, creating a variety of text writeup’s which relate to both your business and target audience is crucial. Outlining the services you offer along with the areas you provide for will help your site rank higher for those specific search terms. The more text you provide the more our team can do to improve your websites SEO capabilities.


Your domain name is the first port of call for Search Engines, ensure it’s optimised by containing your businesses industry. If you domain only contains your business name you may struggle to reach new customers especially as a start up. Instead opt for a domain which people may search for, just as an example Stripe the payment gateway started on the domain but once the brand become more reputable they switched to We usually suggest going for two domain names, one optimised for your website (containing your industry) then a second domain (containing your business name) for your email accounts.


Websites come in all shapes and sizes, know what features you would like beforehand. Before going ahead with a new site look through some of your competitors and gets some ideas for what you may want / need. Searching through websites for inspiration is something we all tend to do, if something catches your eye make our team aware so we know what you like. Additionally if you have requirements for any bespoke features ensure to communicate this to our developers, there always here to help.


Keep it active, our sites are built using a CMS system for a reason. Building our sites in a modified Custom Management System allows you to easily edit and add to your website. If you website is left inactive (nothing new added) for a while other competitors who are active may overtake your ranking and therefore attract more visits.

Our team here at Nottingham Web Design can help with the points shown above, best thing is we’re just a call way: 0115 9582989