Promoting Social Media Nottingham

Promoting Social Media Nottingham

Get new customers through social media.

Promoting Social Media Nottingham. One of the most effective ways to reach new customers at the moment is to harness the power of Facebook. Our customers are having great success when using us to promote their products and services through a Facebook page.

You may already have a  Facebook page for your business, but are you getting the best out of it? It’s often hard to find the time or inclination to post about your own business. We post up to three times a week on your Facebook page with relevant and interesting articles. We even  boost the post for you, which means you will be seen by 100’s if not 1000’s of potential customer.

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet, we can set you one up.

Our Facebook package starts at £75 per month – It’s well worth it!


Push your website up the Google ranking

It’s all well and good having an all singing and all dancing website, but if no one can find it a website becomes pretty pointless. Getting your website higher on Google will really help you get new customers. Being on page one for a good ‘key word phrase’ can increase your sales massively.

Whilst we would never promise to get you to the top of Google (don’t trust anyone who does), we can improve your ranking; and through hard work (and a few secrets) we have helped many customers to the Top of Google.

Give us a call and get a bespoke SEO quote. Each customer is different and has different needs.

Promoting Social Media Nottingham

Mobile friendly, up to date & secure websites

Having a mobile friendly, up to date and secure website really makes a difference.

Mobile sites: Nearly half of all website searches are done on mobile devises (Your phone, iPads, etc) and if your website isn’t mobile friendly you may be missing out lots of potential customers. Plus Google loves a mobile site.

Up to date: If your website isn’t up to date it can really put potential customers off. People viewing your site don’t want to see old news, in fact if the news is old it make visitor wonder if you business is still going!  Keep your content fresh. Not only does it tell people you are still about, it’s good for your search ranking in Google.

Secure websites: Are your websites plug-ins up to date? Do you have security software? Don’t leave your website open to hackers and spammers. Fixing a hacked website can cost you a lot of money and cause down time for your website.

We can help with all of the above. Give us a call on 0115 839 0868 – Promoting Social Media Nottingham


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